Give your website extra ZING!

We’ve helped structure and create text for over 150 websites. During this time, we’ve seen a lot of changes to website structure and the content within. Here’s our top 3 tips of how a modern website should look and help convert visitors to customers.


Don’t make me think

In today’s fast paced world, don’t leave anything to chance. Visitors to your website want fast, instant answers – often to questions that may be super basic to you. Think like a new customer and talk to THEM [don’t make the text all about you]. This is a potential customer’s first impression – the text on your website could be the difference that converts a visitor into a customer.


Hold my hand

Don’t make a visitor try and guess where they’ll find the information they need. Just because YOU know your way around your website, a first time visitor [ie: potential customer] does not. Always include clear navigation [or links] at the end of each paragraph so visitors know where to go next.


Keep it short

When we started writing content for websites, text was generally over 2,500 words. Today, if we hit 1,500 words, it’s probably too long. Writing shorter text is actually harder for us – however, it works better for visitors to your website. Think about it – you don’t want to read long slabs of text when visiting a website, the same applies for visitors to yours.


Content is often overlooked by website owners – they think they’ll save a few bucks by writing it themselves. We’ve seen this. Many times. What tends to happen is the business owner takes forever to get started [which hold up the new website development] and then once they finally get going, they can;t stop. The text ends up being too long and is not targeted at the customer. The result? A great website design is let down by sloppy text that confuses visitors and drives them away.

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