What does Four P's bring to your table?

  • Independence: As a professional, external service provider, all feedback, suggestions and solutions are not influenced by internal relationships or industry organisations. We explore all possibilities.

  • Customer Focus: Four P's views your business from the eyes of a potential and existing customer. This aspect provides additional information/insight into your product/services looking at additional possible markets and opportunities, including reviewing your existing sales tools to increases your sales.

  • Long term relationship: Continue to work with you to identify and adapt to the numerous ongoing changes within your market.

  • Point of Difference: Four P's identify and include a marketable point of difference. Your point of difference will make the purchase decision easier for customers to make an informed purchase decision.

  • Frameworks: Tried and proven frameworks and methodologies which are easy to implement to ensure that Four P's improve your strike rate.

  • Key values: Honesty, integrity, reliability, on time delivery and regular updates during the process

  • Proactive: Four P's partners with you and continues to identify possible opportunities which we bring to you on an ongoing basis.

  • Timely results: Agree to timeframes and stick with them.

Four P's works with a network of specialist, hand chosen suppliers. Graphic Designers, printers, distributors who share our core values. This means you receive the best supplier, best price and assurance of working with a trusted team – without all the running around.

How can Four P's increase your sales?