What Coca Cola can teach you about business.

As one of the world’s most recognised brands – Coca Cola works hard to ensure you know all about them – all the time. Which is interesting, because effectively it’s just a fizzy drink that is perhaps not as detailed or involved as your line of services!

Yes, they have a larger marketing budget than you, however, within their world-wide reach, they apply one basic, successful strategy. Consistency.


The team at Coca Cola don’t put out one advertisement, clap their hands and say “Great, that’s our marketing completed for the rest of the year”.

And either should you.


Increasing your sales requires on-going, consistent messages to your existing, potential and lapsed customer base.

In our experience, many Business Owners commence a communication campaign with truck loads of enthusiasm. They send one release, maybe another… then things start to fade out. Other projects take priorities, they run out of ideas and eventually give up.

Their efforts end up being all for naught.

Promoting your products and services to your customer base takes time.

The first release is like taking the first step on a long journey. Your contacts receive your communication, read it and may think “That’s great, I should call them”.

Second release: Similar response – “Oh yeah, meant to call them”.

Third release: “I STILL didn’t call them, I’ll do it now”.


Sometimes it takes more releases for customers to respond, sometimes less. However, the key to receiving their call is to stay on the top of their minds. Regularly. Each month. Starting now!

After all, your competition are probably trying to speak your contacts as well. If you don’t speak to your list of contacts each and every month, what sales are you missing out on?

Another thing Coca Cola does well is they hire experts to complete a range of tasks for them. By using the services of a professional, (hint hint) your campaigns will be released monthly, will be presented in an easy to read format and will keep you top of mind.

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