As a customer – DON’T make me think.

Most visitors come to your website for a reason. To find out information.

If they’re first time visitors, will they find what they need quickly?

That’s why you have to remember the KISS principle with your website – yes, keep it simple stupid!

DON’T MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS THINK. If they have to second guess and go to the wrong place or start clicking blindly through multiple pages – they become confused, frustrated and will go elsewhere. Make sure your home page clearly directs visitors to where they need to go.


Take my hand

Think of your website as a retail space. To identify the needs of their customer, good salespeople ask questions when the customer enters their store. When they know what it is their customer wants, they’ll take them to the correct section of their store.

As most websites have not developed the human ability to ask questions of their visitors, you have to include smart, easy to understand text that answers common questions your receive. This begins on your home page.

At the end of each page, or important section of text, you must let your visitor know where they should head to next – with a link. All links should do one thing, and that’s…. well, I won’t give it away just yet. You’ll have to read on.


The most important page

Your website will never close a sale for you. If visitors don’t make contact with you – you can never close a sale and your website is all for naught.

For most websites, the most important page is the contact us page. Make sure the contact us page is easy to find. Remember the links we talked about in the previous paragraph? These links, with a prompting message along the lines of “Discover how to save ……,” should grab your visitors hand and land them bang smack in the middle of your contact us page – so then they’ll get the hint that it’s time to call.

By helping visitors and not making them think, you’ll made a good first impression on them – and that’s a major job that your website must complete.

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