Why a good offer might not be that good.

A client contacted our office for advice on advertising they were offered great a last minute deal in a local publication – at a discounted rate.

At first, we both believed the offer was very tempting. However, as we looked further into the offer and the publication, we soon discovered that the offer really wasn’t that good [for them].


These are the points we reviewed to evaluate their offer:


Does the media target your ideal customers?

To ensure your advertising campaign is effective you need to speak with the right people.  Start by reviewing the demographics of your current client base.  If you are already successful in one geographic region, age group or industry, look at maximising the exposure to other potential customers in that same demographic.

TIP: Find out which publications or websites target these people and look at advertising there.


Do you receive additional editorial coverage?

If you commit to advertisements with a publication, ask for editorial coverage.  A third person editorial provides your product or service with credibility.  Your editorial should be written to look like a regular article. It must be newsworthy/ include some professional tips, news or trends that re-enforce the message of your advertisement.

TIP: Build your reputation as an expert in your industry. When a customer needs your product or service or has a problem, you’re the first person they think of. An article in a trusted publication will help achieve this.


How cluttered is the publication with advertisements?

Many community publications rely on advertising for survival. That’s why they’re chock full of adverts. Too many adverts, generally. This means yours runs the risk of being lost in a sea of noisy advertising. Our advice, don’t go for a great “last minute offer” in a local publication that speaks to everyone.

TIP[S]: Give yourself space. Spend your advertising budget wisely. Use an outlet that your target market reads / views / uses.


And finally…. One advertisement does not a campaign make.

An advertising strategy is a plan that you commit to for the long term. Advertising results are not always instant. Coke don’t run one advertisement, then pat themselves on the back for completing their annual advertising strategy. It is best to advertise in the same medium repetitively, rather than placing ad-hoc advertisements here, there and everywhere.  It generally takes 3 exposures to your same advertisement before a potential client will respond.

TIP: Advertising on a regular basis. When customers are in a position to purchase, you are more likely to be top of mind.

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