Get a magazine cover for your business

It should come as no surprise to know that today, people read less and less [and less] than even a few years ago.

As most reading is now confined to screens, it’s important to understand that when reading a screen, people generally scan text.

Once text scanning begins, readers often “fast forward” themselves to the end of the page. This means, great slabs of text remains unread.


Although printed magazine circulations are generally in decline, there’s one aspect they still do right – with every edition. And you should incorporate this into your website.

Their Cover.


Think about it. Magazine covers always have an eye catching image [or a few] with a number of key “sub headlines” scattered all over the cover to tell the reader what’s inside. They sometimes put a nice little image with these for added attention grabbing effect!


Imagine a magazine cover that simply has the logo, small pics and mountains of text on the cover. That’d be just silly. Wouldn’t it? They’d never do that.


Yet you may be doing this!

We’re talking website homepages.

Your homepage is so important – it’s where most people land … and unfortunately, in many cases – leave. Without entering your website.

When we talk of heavy lifting – that’s the job bestowed upon your homepage. It has to engage with a number of different readers looking for different things. It must quickly let them know what to do next.


Our motto:

Don’t make visitors think /second guess – as they may find it easier to leave and find another site.


Which brings us back to the magazine cover theory. Here’s how you get yours – on your homepage:

Avoid long text [remember scanners – they won’t read it] and it could be confusing.

Add four or so headlines of your key areas on the website [product, problem solving, needs of different segments].

Make them compelling, like a magazine cover headline, so visitors want to click through and read more!

Add a nice image to each of these, plus 1-2 lines of compelling text and if space permits.

LINKS! Don’t forget the link. It’s important to hold the hand of your website visitors and direct them through yours site – to the information they are looking for and links are great at doing this for you!


Your homepage homework for today.

Take a look at your homepage. Then ask someone who doesn’t know anything about your business to work through it. Do they understand what you want them to do? Did they scan the text? Are they compelled to “Read more”


If you haven’t updated the text on your homepage in the last year – it’s time you got yourself a “magazine cover” for your business.


We’ve created the text and framework for a number of easy to navigate homepages – if you’d like a hand, simply call us today!

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