These are worth more to you than you probably think!

How much is your client contact list [or database] worth to you – or more importantly, how much are these contacts delivering to you each month?

Are you talking to everyone on your database? If not, what sales opportunities are you missing each month?

Your database [or client list] is full of clients who know and [should] like you, but are not currently buying from you.


We recently released a newsletter for a client, it generated over 300% ROI. Not bad.  Newsletters [or email marketing] present a perfect opportunity to inform existing and past clients on your business activities.


It’s already there – for you!

If you have a pile of client business cards, an excel spreadsheet of client names or you use your invoice files to track clients – then there’s your database to send your newsletter to.


Your newsletter can include tips, ideas, specials and success stories. It’s a great way to increase your sales – and save your time. Generally, if you commission someone [like us!] to write and distribute your newsletter, we only need about ten minutes of your time per month.


Another benefit to you and your business:

We can create short articles and upload them to your website as Blogs. Your email marketing will link to these blogs. So your website will have regular new content [Google loves this and it can help improve your SEO ranking] and your customers will regularly visit your website [Google and you will love this].

We’ll send you a preview of your newsletter, you approve it, then we send and monitor the results for you.


Email Marketing is responsive to any internet enabled device – making it cost-effective, customer-friendly marketing.


If you are not talking to your client contact list [or database] regularly, are too busy to write articles – you are missing serious sales opportunities. Speak to us and let’s get started on your newsletter service today!

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