Four P's offers a wide range of marketing solutions including:

Project plans

A range of promotion or sales projects can seem daunting. A Four P's project plan will help you implement a successful project. A successful website is more than clever design, text and image selection. What is its core purpose? What message will it project? How will customers use it? To ensure your website fulfils your vision?

Promotional projects. Creating a video for your website, tradeshow or general sales use requires a lot of preparation work. Messages and scenes are an obvious first step. But where will the video be shot? Will you use professional of amateur actors? Stock images or customised images? Do you know all the pros and cons of such decisions?

A Four P's project plan for a promotional activity can save you valuable time and money. Our experience and network of professionals help make planning and releasing successful campaigns and easier process that will help increase your sales.

Marketing Plan – for success

A marketing plan becomes the business blue-print and is used to ensure all levels of your organisation understand your market, goals and projects required to achieve your desired market share and sales goals. Marketing plans help business owners to focus on targeted projects and to ensure these projects are undertaken and completed on time and reviewed upon completion.

A successful, well planned organisation will have a number of market plans:

Short term:

Generally plans for a twelve month period. Will help your organisation present a consistent and clear message to your target market, define your point of difference, identify ideal customers. This plan should also review your existing sales tools and branding position.

Medium to long term plans:

Designed to take a high level, strategic view over a 2-5 year period. Such a plan will review a number of products and potential markets for expansion. It will also assist with setting budgets but needs to be flexible to deal with unexpected market changes.

Market Analysis:

What are your competitors doing that makes customers purchase from them? How are you represented on search engines? What barriers exist for customers to find, enquiry and purchase from you?

Four P's looks at your company, in the eyes of a potential customer, adds marketing intelligence and presents a detailed report on findings.

Four P's compiles all findings into an easy to read report which includes recommendations that address any identified gaps. The report forms your marketing "to do" list that will help you attract more customers and increase sales. Four P's does not stop here. We will work with you to plan and implement the recommendations. Need a check-up? It won't hurt. Speak to Four P's today.

Marketing Consultations:

Where do you start? When was the last time an informed outsider evaluated how your market perceives your organisation, its product and services? An immediate benefit can be the revelation of a market segment, innovation or promotion opportunity you had not anticipated! A Four P's marketing consult is an unbiased, uninfluenced reality check which can lead to increased sales, maximise profitability from existing customers, unearth new revenue streams from potential customers and return lapsed customers to your business. Your Four P's marketing consultant works with you to direct your marketing strategies so they maintain momentum to help you attract new customers and keep the business you have. Time for action – get the ball rolling today