Websites that work

Where does Four P's begin helping you to increase your sales? Websites. Most marketing activity is designed to direct customers to your website. Some will purchase, some will review your website content as a reference, some will simply be checking to see if your organisation is for them.

To motivate these potential customers to purchase from you, Four P's provides professional copywriting and design for your website which includes:

  • Clear and consistent message

  • Easy to navigate

  • Written to target customers

  • Not only includes points of difference but highlights and emphasises how you are better than your competition

  • Maintain a high search engine (Google) ranking

  • Has processes/structures that customers can understand - especially for shopping carts

  • Includes testimonials that work

  • Motivates them to make contact

A website which meets these criteria is great, but can still be a wasted opportunity if customers are let down when they contact your company. Are you sales staff equipped to convert enquiries and have scripts to reflect the messages of your website?


"I am delighted with the way Four P's has helped me promote our business, saved me time and helped me to keep my marketing fresh and attractive. Four P's wrote and edited our website and saved us hours of time! He edits articles that are perfectly targeted and he writes and submits press releases for us. If you are not completely satisfied with your marketing efforts, Four P's are marvels!" Danielle Storey – The Cartridge Family

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Copywriters write great stories. A Four P's marketer writes great stories with the added advantage of incorporating marketing skills that will influence buyer behaviour. Four P's looks at your business story from the viewpoint of your target market – are you talking to existing or potential customers? We highlight the benefits of purchasing and provide a fresh, easy to understand slant to your marketing messages.

Four P's have written copy for website, brochures, sales literature, on-hold messages and video productions. Having a clear, easy to understand message that is consistent and targeted to your most profitable customers puts you in the best position to increase your sales.


"As a marketing consultant Four P's are truely gifted. They write amazing marketing scripts detailing the products or services, his scripts also include the reasons why a client needs to buy from you, making the sale so much easier. Four P's produces Message on Hold scripting for our clients that are second to none, so far we have barely had to change anything that Four P's has written and our happy clients are a testiment to their fantastic work. Four P's really know their way around marketing, I would highly recommend Four P's to any business wanting to get marketing exposure." Graham Turner – Oracle Telecom

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Social Media Management:

Unsure of how social media will benefit your business? What messages are best to attract customers?

Four P's manages many social media pages – we know how to increase awareness, likers and provide easy to implement strategies that will benefit your business.

Getting onto social media, or maximising the effectiveness of your existing social media is easy with Four P's.

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Attract a crowd

Four P's works with you to establish goals, outcomes and processes in planning, organising and running a successful event. Events attract new businesses and help turn lapsed customers into existing products.

Events include:

  • In-house – have customers visit your premises to view featured product or service

  • On-site: Attract new customers to your store.

  • Trade show: Four P's assists you with planning all aspects of promotional material, including flyers, videos and in-stand promotions.

  • Four P's establishes your budget, puts together a plan, organises promotion, advertising, secures attention grabbing attractions [ie: celebrities], signage and everything you need for a successful promotion.

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Targeted Marketing campaigns

Four P's creates and implements campaigns that speak directly to your ideal [profitable] customer.

These are not "distribute randomly and forget campaigns" but a planned, targeted campaign that involves follow up .We agree on parameter for what is a successful campaign and measure the results against the campaign.

Four P's works with you and identifies your target market. By speaking directly to your targeted customer, they will listen. You develop a niche market and become known as a specialist to your most profitable customers.

Communication is created and distributed, at regular intervals. We don't flood your potential market – we drip feed it. This enables us feed new customers to you at a rate you can service and allows continual refinement of your messages.

Four P's contact your target customers and ask questions. This call results in:

  • New business [increase your sale]

  • Market feedback – analysis details of the flyer, enables us to alter message if required [increase your business]. This is vital to ongoing success. If feedback suggests changes to your campaign [ie: competitor information has changed] your campaign can be altered to reflect this and target customers will receive information that will motivate them to purchase from you.

  • Establish communication for future targeted marketing activity

A successful campaign is made of many steps. Coca Cola does not release just one marketing campaign or advertisement a year and declare their marketing over. Market leaders understand marketing is a consistent activity – that when completed correctly, leads to increased business and brand recognition

Targeted marketing campaigns speak directly to your preferred business. How can you speak more of your ideal customers?

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Media Exposure - the nice kind of exposure

Four P's recommends press releases when a client has a newsworthy story to tell. Unlike targeted marketing campaigns that speak directly to your identified customer, press releases sends your message to the entire market and often attracts new customer segments that have not been previously identified.

A Press Release is not an advertisement. Your release appears as content within a publication, not an advertisement. This means readers tend to trust in the product/service/opinion delivered via your press release. Not only is your article have a threefold increase in potentially being read, customers are more open to its message and suggestions.

Regular press release topics include a new innovation or product, an industry award win or company milestone achieved.

A Four P's press release includes a free, professionally designed advertisement and artwork file. Your completed advertisement can be used for various promotion opportunities [local newsletters, local newspapers or any other advertising options] and often may be used in conjunction or in addition to your press release as a call to action for potential customers.

How can a press release help you increase your sales


Your website can benefit from the inclusion of a low cost, easy to understand promotional video. Four P's have created a number of professional videos that are ideal for inclusion on a website or trade show display.

Check out Four P's videos here

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Your corporatre image

What first impression is your logo making? Four P's can help create the best first impression possible with a logo facelift.

A strong brand presents numerous benefits to your organisation including:

  • Consumer confidence

  • Instant, professional recognition

  • A quality image that helps potential customers to make a positive impression of your company

  • Retain loyal customers

  • Ability to charge price premiums based upon increased customer trust and perceptions

  • Point of difference to competition

Many clients launch their new logo with updated stationery – it helps complete their new professional look to attract new customers. Four P's can help create a communication kit and style guidelines to ensure your new logo is always presented in a professional manner.

Now is the time to reconnect with existing/lapsed customers. Before you do, update existing stationery that looks tired, unprofessional and is inconsistent with your message.

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Newsletter content creation

Four P's helps you reach everyone on your database in a fast, cost effective manner. A Four P's newsletter provides targeted messages that encourage readers to contact you. Four P's provides readership data including:

  • Number of newsletter subscribers who open newsletter email

  • Review/track links clicked and articles opened. This data means we can evaluate which articles are most read and helps format future article topics [ie: your product/services] that are of most interest to subscribers

  • Review/track click-backs to your website as a result of your newsletter

  • Review/track articles forwarded onto other people

This data helps you understand the messages that your database responds to. Enabling you to target the correct message to them and increase your sales.

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Sales processes

Are your operational practises in shape? How many new clients can be serviced? How are sales closed? What information is left with potential clients after an initial meeting? Are your procedures and messages consistent and customer focused?

Four P's increases your sales. This means, we provide structure, framework and advice that increases your customer conversion rate:

  • Scripting – are messages consistent with website and other marketing communication

  • Sales Tools: What information is left with potential customers? Is it motivating them to contact you and purchase? Does it speak to them? Does it emphasise your points of difference?

  • Sales Conversion rates: What are they? What can they realistically be increased to?

  • Closing statements: Are they working? Are they being used?

  • Follow up: One of the most important elements of sales calls.

  • Customer satisfaction: How is it measured? What are customers saying? Why do they use you? Why have they left? These messages will help attract profitable customers. Is this feedback evaluated and worked into your sales presentations?

  • Customer database: What information is included? How is it maintained? Use your database to attract new business.

Once your website and sales processes in place, Four P's work with businesses and sales management to implement marketing strategies and refine existing processes to ensure all product information is presented to customers so they are fully informed and ready to purchase!

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Mission Statement

Do you have a current mission statement? A mission statement is a short, sharp summary of your organisation, its market and what you do.  A mission statement answers the question, "Why do we exist?" Without one, it's harder for everyone in your oganisation to focus and reach your goals. If you do have one, how long has it been since you reviewed it?

Over time, business focuses and services change. Its' important to ensure your mission statement remains current. If your mission statement is out-dated or non-existent – how can its time to review or create!

Four P's can facilitate the process that will result in the creation of an effective mission statement that keeps your organisation focused.

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