2 Tips. 2 easy. You can do them!

1. Invest in Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

Every day, we’re seeing how important SEO [or your Google ranking] is to generate new business.

In the old days, our trusty copy of the Yellow Pages got quite a workout. If you weren’t in the Yellow Pages, you might as well not be in business at all. Well, today, the Yellow Pages is all but redundant. Seriously, when is the last time you even opened one – or used their online search?

Today, the vast majority of people searching for your product or service, use Google. And if your website does not feature on the first or second page of Google – then you’re in for a long wait for new customers to find you.

SEO [or Search Engine Optimisation] is relatively easy to implement and manage. There are a number of experts just waiting to help. They can help keep your spend under control and help make your website more user friendly.

By syncing your SEO with other marketing strategies, including newsletters and blogs, you can increase its effectiveness.

If planned correctly, you will see an incredible return on your investment, without breaking your bank.

SEO is effective due to the fact that the customer is already looking for you, or the service you provide. This is where targeting the right customers with the right keywords helps a lot. Not sure what to do? It’s never too late to start. Speak with us today on 0487 444 041.


2. Showcase your business!

Content marketing has been the central service we provide for most of our customers. Basically, if your message is confusing, long-winded, out of date or not hitting the mark, having a third party review it can help you stand out from the pack.

There are two big content marketing mistakes we see on a regular basis:

1. Text is too long.
I know, I know, everything about your product or service is important, however, in today’s fast paced world, no one has time to read your life story. We understand that it’s hard to edit your own text, that’s where we come in. We’ll keep it short and on point

2. Text is not aimed at the right audience.
The trick to getting your content right is knowing your target audience down to a tee. When these are correctly identified, your text must answer their most common questions or concerns. Readers must understand the problem you are solving for them.

Your text must also be structured to send readers to the right place [on your website, or in other marketing literature]. Sounds easy. But it isn’t. Targeting your text is critical.

Tying our two tips together, Google loves fresh, engaging content. If they see visitors to your website clicking happily through your pages, they’ll be more likely to increase your Google ranking. This means more new business for you!

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