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Implementing marketing strategies will build sales, increase margins and provide a remarkable return on your investment.

That’s where Four P’s Marking Solutions comes into the picture. Use us only for the time you need on the projects you require. That’s the advantage of using Fours P’s. Think of how your business will benefit with Four P’s creating your innovative, cost effective business building strategies including;


Is your website pulling its weight? If you haven't checked your website lately, chances are your customers haven't either. Many websites are weighed down with too much text. For most people, this is information overload - they switch off. Updating your website text is one of the fastest most effective ways to make your website work harder for you. We combine our copywriting skills and marketing experience so your website speaks to your target customers. We help your customers understand your product, your point of difference and spell out your benefits over the competition.


So you've got a great product / service! How do you get your message out? We will identify the best way to reach your target market. Articles and press releases are clever ways to break through the advertising clutter and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Speak to us to see how we can obtain additional publicity for you.


Newsletters are a reliable, consistent and easy way to update your staff and/or customers. New products, updates and opportunities can be communicated quickly. Regular communications can means customers will remember you, increasing their chance of purchasing from you. We can establish a format, schedule and guide the content for your newsletter. Email newsletter are cost effective, fast and enable you to track results. How many people read your newsletters? Which articles did they read? Did they visit your website or pass the information onto others?

Creative promotions

When you’ve got something to sell, your promotion must catch customer’s attention. There must be a reason for customers to purchase and there must be a call to action. Speak to us before launching your next promotion.

Marketing plans

We’ll put together a customised marketing plan that will enable everyone in your business to understand your goals and ensure they work towards achieving them. No two marketing plans are ever the same.

Document design & wording

Your brochures are a massive part of your sales kit. They work hard at spreading your message far and wide, 24/7. Don’t miss out on sales opportunities because your brochures are out of date, hard to understand or lacking information. We work the copy, layout and imagery to ensure your brochures are performing to their peak. Four P’s ensures your brochures are right for your organisation.

Trade Shows

We’ve designed trade show displays for small and large companies. If you don’t have the time and/or manpower to organise a trade show display – speak to us. We love to complete stand bookings and it’s fit-out. Then we’ll merchandise the stand to attract customers! We’ll also organise pre-show promotion of your display to your customers to maximise lead generation. Once the show is finished we’ll pack up, help you convert those valuable leads. Don’t miss out on new customers or additional sales from existing ones, get into tradeshows with Four P’s.

Event Management

For you next product to launch, we’ll organise invitations, a promotion, speeches, product presentations, brochures and special offers. Not to mention organising venue, catering and follow ups to attendees. Well organised events return big rewards, increased awareness and valuable word of mouth.

Internal/external communications

Newsletters are a reliable, consistent and easy method of updating staff and/or customers on your organisation. New products and opportunities can quickly be communicated via a newsletter. Regular newsletters means your staff and customers are always kept up to date while your business message is regularly promoted. Regular communications can be used to position your company as a expert in its field. We can establish a format, routine and guide the content of a workable newsletter.

Corporate image enhancement

It’s important to ensure your business, no matter how big or small projects a strong, consistent brand and message. Branding consistency makes it easy for your customers to identify and remember your brand. We create easy to use templates and guidelines to ensure you project a clear, professional and reliable image to your customers.

Streamlining your business operations

We’ve simplified and cleaned up numerous organisation’s internal documents. The result? Reduced errors, increased product knowledge and a more harmonious working environment! We’ll complete a review, put together a workable plan that will simplify and speed up internal processes. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Merchandising solutions

How does your product look when displayed? Poor merchandising means customers cannot see your product, don’t understand what it is or simply are bedazzled by competitor offerings. Don’t miss out on sales simply because your point of sale display or packaging may not be as effective as it should be.

Customer retention

The standard rule is that it costs 5 times more money to attract new customers than it does to keep existing ones. It pays to hold on tight to your customers. We know many ways to ensure they stay!

Existing documents

Sometimes, a new set of eyes will work wonders on rejuvenating, updating or enhancing any of your existing documents!